July 28th, 2002


when in rome...

earlier, at silky's...

the music is being ornery. education surely does its bit to stifle creativity. but perseverence will overcome all obstacles, so long as your software works. if you descend on the forest with a large enough hunting party, no animal can escape you. images of double arch remain burned into my brain. vacation is good for the soul. yes, dear, you may stop reading, there's nothing but more meaningless platitudes ahead.

silky's is okay, but it's no cage. no jan, no shereen, no light, no pinball. coffee is bad and and refills are limited, and i have to tip the waitress (who doesn't even know my name) extra for repeatedly climbing the stairs to keep me reasonable content. poor girl. it's like purgatory.

i would at this point direct anyone who's still reading to chrismaverick's journal, as it speaks of actual events and is a far more interesting read. and he's no less stalkable than i am.

william tells me my new guitar has a great sound. i agree, inasmuch as it doesn't make that twangy plinking sound my SG often does when I pick. Of course, with the new guitar i don't pick. i think he has a deeper understanding of guitar tone than i do.

i think i hear shereen's voice. probably not, but i can close my eyes for a moment and pretend i'm at the cage.

constantly reminding myself to leave more silence in the bits i write, leave space for other things to happen. things have been better since i stopped using drums. i can always add them later, but they were disrupting the process, boxing me in. feel free now, unconstrained in my pursuit of that certain fragment of the music.

it's been a long time since i've seen an arena football game when the score was 0-0. fumble at the goal line. it'll stay 0-0--no, wait, as i was writing that Carolina scored a touchdown. i missed it. maybe he was in before he fumbled. good for him.

doing a concept sketch of percival for anisodragnfly's comic. he has very odd feet. and arms. it's amazing how much difficulty i'm having drawing arms since i picked up dynamic figure drawing (or how to draw big smelly naked guys), an excellent book by burne hogarth. it's that pesky education again. armour wasn't very interesting in the 5th century, so i think i'll use some artistic license. sorta a gladiator thing with pointy bits. nope, it's not working out, at least in this sketch. utter failure. oh well.

think i've had enough bad coffee. carolina is up 21-7. max out.
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long day full of few things getting done. made some headway on the current untitled song in progress, now have to go make a winamp visualization preset to go with it :) but first i need to pick up anisodragnfly.

btw, all this prattle of mine is an elaborate sham, designed to show off my south-park-self-portrait and maybe elicit feedback on the tunes i'm working on. max out.
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