July 30th, 2002



earlier, at the cage...

ah, home sweet home.

on the brink of a sneeze for about 40 minutes now. quite unpleasant. working on more percival sketches, which are turning out better than the previous one. i think the key is the slightly dopey look on his face, though of course i'll have to ask anisodragnfly if it's appropriate.

can't play pinball :( the rubber thing has come mostly off of the right flipper. feel persecuted. still haven't sneezed. feel lightheaded. eyes hurt.

wrote 10 bars of music yesterday. the first 3 are okay, the last 3 are fine, the 4 in the middle are pointless, unimaginitive, out-of-key wanking. will have to fix that.

wanna play basketball. wondering if 70% shooting in colorado was a fluke or the result of playing indoors. wanna play tennis. still stinging from vicious remarks by beststephi last time we played. want payback. want to sneeze.

hope anisodragnfly is feeling better than she did yesterday. hope chrismaverick and jeremiahblatz find decent jobs. hope sundaygray is settling in well. hope i sneeze.
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did actually sneeze twice, about 2 hours ago...have again been on the brink of sneezing ever since. perhaps i'm not well. fixed the music, eliminated the bad part. there was talk of basketball a few minutes ago, but then wooble disappeared, as did anisodragnfly. i might be too woozy to play tonight anyway. perhaps a yummy coffee drink will improve my mood.
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