July 31st, 2002


being an ass

pinball machine is still broken :( less sneezy and awful-feeling than yesterday, though.

drawing horrible, scary characters. experimenting with dramatic lighting. pondering wuttd's question (the short answer being, "yep.") loud, obnoxious guy at the bar. wouldn't surprise me if jan throws him out. she's very protective of her customers and the pleasant, relaxing environment that is the cage. someone just shot al pacino on tv. that can't be a good idea.

i wonder what it is that drives a man to be an ass in public. i'm sure most people are asses in private, but there's no need to put it on display. he could just as easily sit there and drink his beer in silence, or shout and bitch in the comfort of his home. it would be wrong to blame the alcohol; most likely he was an ass to begin with and drinks to soften that sordid experience. if i was him, and i had to spend the whole day with myself, i'd be drinking something a bit stronger than beer.

ah, he's gone now. blessed quiet.

banged my knee pretty hard on my amp last night. it's trent reznor's fault. hurt lots for a while. was able to ignore the pain by reading a book anisodragnfly lent me, in which much more horrible things than banged knees are happening to people. Feel better now. wanna play sports. maybe tennis friday, basketball sunday?
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feeling lousy again. maybe e+p's pale imitation smoky bacon cheeseburger will help.
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