August 8th, 2002

frazzled max


played tennis with steph, geoff, & mav. Did not feel so near death this time, due to a) playing doubles, b) better weather, but mostly c) i didn't move around much, on account of injuring my ankle in spectacularly painful fashion late in the first set.

mav and i lost, 6-4 6-4 6-4. no payback :( steph&geoff somehow developed a particularly devastating net game since last we played. 'tis very disheartening to hit what feels like a winner, with good speed and perfect spin, hitting the top of its arc just as it crosses the net, and then--pow, right into your opponent's racket before it gets an inch farther, and the ball goes off someplace where you have no chance to hit it.

ankle started hurting like hell as soon as the adrenaline wore off, but later jenn gave me happy drugs to make the pain go away. i can walk now, so long as i don't bend the ankle to the side.

hanging out with the marias this afternoon...they will surely want to play basketball.
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