August 13th, 2002

sexy max

once more into the breach

am mentally preparing for tonight's tennis. meditating. visualizing. putzing around on the web. we've beaten steph, but we've not yet beaten steph n' geoff. not certain we will keep the same teams tonight, but whatever we do, i shall be ready. nothing will stand in my way, except perhaps for some mild dehydration and the likely harmful effects of that blazing, burning, hellish sun.
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frazzled max


forgot to mention a couple more things that might stand in my way. steph n' geoff's mad skillz and devastating net game, my uncharacteristic tendency to hit my forehand right into the net, crop circles, general lack of skills, and an inadequate understanding of the game. the dehydration and sunlight didn't actually bother me that much.


at least we won the first set, 7-6, and made a respectable showing in the third, after a horrible start. i will not speak of the second set, as it was too brief to be recorded in my memory.
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