August 21st, 2002

frazzled max



played weird 3-way singles tennis with geoff and mav. won my first 13 games, which put me up 2 sets. was feeling very skillfull.

then my arms and legs, and then my brain, gradually stopped working. Geoff won the third set, and mav was winning the fourth when i decided i'd had enough. was dehydrated and calorically deprived (hadn't eaten anything since last night, not too bright i guess.) it was very sad, the way my game deteriorated. i started missing the ball when it came towards me, or hitting it with the rim of my racket, and my serve became pretty much worthless as i lost the ability to jump. and there were balls i should've returned, that i just stood there and watched, because i couldn't convince my legs to go. still, i lasted two sets longer than last time i played singles (although the sun seemed hotter that time; maybe there was a solar flare bombarding us with x-rays, i dunno.)
anyway,i lost between two and three pounds today...i suppose it's possible some of it was lost in west virginia, but that doesn't seem likely, since my primary activity there was sitting on my ass. and now i'm all blistered and bruised and sore and feeling lame for having to quit early.
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frazzled max


i don't understand why i like split pea with ham soup. i mean, ham is okay, as meats go, but it's really just bacon that's lost its edge. and peas are an okay thing for when your doctor says you have to eat tasteless green things or you'll die, but they're certainly not as good as, say chick peas. And yet I find split pea and ham soup quite yummy.

Of course, it's no clam chowder...
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