August 27th, 2002

sexy max


played tennis with geoff & mav. ate first this time, which made a big difference. for a long time i've preferred not to eat for a good while before playing sports, as my stomach tends to cramp up. although that happened a little today, i think the fact that i still had energy for the third set more than made up for it.

My serve was very weak and lame, so much so that i had a lot more confidence when i was returning (although I seem to be incapable of returning a soft second serve from the left side). but it didn't seem to hurt me too much. developed my lob, which effectively neutralized geoff's devastating net game (though it probably won't work so well in doubles.) backhand was pretty good, and i returned some really tough shots that i wouldn't have had the energy to go after last time. and i felt like i had a lot more control over where the ball went when i hit it. all in all, i was pretty happy with my playing. and i won in straight sets, woohoo!
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