September 3rd, 2002

sexy max


so i recently, and rather suddenly, decided i wanted to learn how to sculpt (it probably had something to do with discovering that bronze sculptures of indians sell for $7000 apiece). I have not yet found a good book on the subject, though i did browse through one today that said "you're utterly insane to even think about the possibility of maybe ever working in bronze. you will ruin your sculpture, embarass yourself, and probably burn down your house." It didn't use those exact words, it used other words with that exact meaning. so okay, maybe i won't be making bronze indians.

so yesterday i picked up some sculpey, made a decent first pass at a head, and then quickly discovered that before you can learn to sculpt anything more complex than that, you first have to learn how to build an armature, because otherwise your thing will just fall apart. so today i picked up some pipe cleaners and tiny styrofoam spheres, which i then discovered you can't use because if they're in the clay when you bake it, they will release toxic fumes and kill you. i'll have to find something else to do with those, i guess. they might be good for rolling on a scaley texture....

anyway, about an hour ago i built my skeleton out of pipe cleaners and aluminum foil, then covered it in clay. it looked like a very ugly and deformed starfish. another thing that i've found is that, in order to form any part, i usually have to deform some other part. this looks to me like it's going to be the most challenging issue to deal with. but perhaps the forming outweighs the deforming in the long run, because now my ugly little guy has arms and legs, and even a clear neck and shoulders. also a bit of a gut, and a very flat and unattractive butt (but it's a male, so that's okay). so maybe it'll just take loads of patience. once i figure out the elbows, i think i will have the basic form ready to go, and then concentrate on smoothing and detail, at which point i will likely be very lost. 'tis fun, though.
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