September 4th, 2002

frazzled max


played tennis with anisodragnfly, beststephi, and chrismaverick. first we played doubles, me and jenn against the other two...but we only played a set and it was really dark for most of it, since schenley apparently doesn't turn on its lights till 90% of the photons have dissipated...then jenn had to leave to do some work and it was three-way singles. steph won the first set. then mav won the second. i won the third (in a very exciting comeback and tie-breaker), and then steph pretty much slaughtered us in the fourth. i was actually starting to do better, I'd won two straight games, and would have had a chance maybe if mav had prevented steph from winning her sixth game...of course, at that point, my right contact had fallen out and it would've been pretty darn tough to win at tennis with no depth perception.

mav seems to be improving quite a bit. i think i even saw him hit a few backhands. and it's great fun playing singles with steph, because you're not likely to win many points due to her mistakes. it makes it quite satisfying on those occassions when you actually beat her.

my serve stinks. even when i think i've hit it pretty well, it lands softly and never gives anyone any trouble. the only time my serve is ever an advantage is when i'm playing against steph, and then the only reason it's an advantage is it means steph isn't serving.

too many mistakes and a weak serve. still having much fun, though. must now install a new right eye.
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