March 12th, 2003

sexy max

kittens and resonators

i had another cat dream this morning. this time there were dozens of kittens lacking a home, needing food, love, and protection from dogs. there was a very tiny one who was especially pathetic, with cute, slightly deformed bulbous eyes and green spotted fur that made it look something like the geico gekko. it was all hobbly, and Jenn named it "Ruinelle." It didn't seem long for the world, but if I'd slept another hour, i'm sure its condition would have improved.

This immediately followed a weird Smallville dream, and given all the Buffy connections in my earlier dream of a thousand cats, I'm wondering why my unconscious mind thinks that WB Supernatural Teen Angst Dramas are so closely related to feline population explosion.

Another topic: I have a useless fretless bass that I want to dismember and make into something useful. i'm kind of wanting to use the neck to make some sort of acoustic instrument, but i'd need to bolt it to a resonator of some kind. since guitar bodies are freakin' expensive and I don't want something that mundane anyway, I'm trying to think of a suitably unusual and vibratey big hollow thing which could be acquired cheaply. suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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