April 25th, 2003

frazzled max


so, unlike lazy chrismaverick, i've been very artistic lately. i haven't put any new pictures up on the web, though, because for the last several months i've been working on a new pic for the elseworld angel gallery. it's a big "war in heaven" painting, michael vs. belial with a few billion angels duking it out in the background. very epic. very difficult and time-consuming to paint.

so, with an opportunity to show off my stuff approaching (end of may) i thought yesterday that i'd get back to work on the picture (which i hadn't touched in about a month) and try to finish it. i did a few corrections to some wings, and saved my file. without realizing exactly how little of my 100 gigs of disk was available.

so photoshop crashed during the save. i tried to open the file after, and it says "photoshop could not open angels3.psd because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered."

i had no backup (i frequently don't, because disk is scarce and my pictures tend to be huge files.) it's gone. vanished. destroyed. kaput. all that remains are a few screenshots, most at 12.5% or less of the original resolution.

so i have to start over, pretty much from scratch. i try to take such things philisophically. in fact, when something like this happens, it usually turns out that my second attempt is better than the first. but, damn, that was a lot of work just to go kablooey.

anyway, here's what it might have looked like, though it was still in an unrefined state. i was especially fond of belial's helmet.
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