June 28th, 2003


24 hours, sunscreen, and pain

Another new injury! TOday, I was unable to play frisbee due to shin splints, which I don't think i've ever suffered before. They really hurt. While it's possible I got them playing tennis on tuesday, I'm inclined to think I got them from frisbee, and aggravated them playing tennis. This goes with the shoulder sprain as an injury i never had before playing ultimate. It's so new and exciting! Ow.

So maybe I won't play tennis tomorrow. Or maybe I'll just suck at it. Either way, if any of you tennis-playing people decide to play tennis, you should ask me just in case. Unless you're afraid of me.

Next weekend is July 4, with extra days off for the working class and no frisbee. I hope to take this opportunity to make a 24-hour comic and/or song. Dana? Mav? Mike? Jenn?

Finally, Banana Boat Sport spf 50 is good shit. I made it through three hours of blistering heat on the tennis court tuesday, and now 4 hours sitting on the sunny sideline today with nary a red tinge. Hooray for technology!
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