July 20th, 2003

frazzled max

unmusical ramblings about music

Ugh. The day's been long and not particularly good..

So, after much practice, many long nights of hard, years of fruitless practice, and countless takes, I managed to record a vocal performance tonight that was Rather Embarrassing.

I'm actually fairly pleased with this. It's a step up from Pretty Bloody Embarrassing (where I've been for the last few weeks), which in turn is an improvement over my normal standards, which range from Absolutely Mortifying to Godawfully Terrible.

The song in question is a Kevin Gilbert tune. Not really. Sometimes I'll have a particularly vivid dream in which I'll hear a song (most frequently by Tori Amos or Kevin Gilbert) that does not actually exist. I usually scramble to try and capture it when I wake up, but it's hopeless due to the haziness of dream memory and the fact that I'm not Tori Amos or Kevin Gilbert.

But in this case, I wrote the song while I was awake. It's not really a Kevin Gilbert song, cuz if he'd written it it would be much more clever and brilliant. But his voice would have been perfect for it. Maybe not anymore, since it's been transformed now to suit mine.

It's kind of disturbing how easy it was to write the music for the cheesy happy chorus, and more disturbing how easy it was to write the music for the super-cheesy happier chorus (the cheesiness is okay, cuz it's Ironic, you see), especially since I hardly ever write anything of that sort. God help me, the whole song's in a major key.

But I think it works (though maybe it needs a bridge), and I'm happy with it. And maybe before long, I'll be able to re-record the vocals so they're Just Barely Passable.
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