July 27th, 2003


wicked cool bars and fosters n' stuff

It's cool when you're hundreds of miles from home and just wanting a martini and you can't find the bar you thought you remembered but then just when you're about to give up hope BAM! Jenn spots the Pit.

The Pit gets my vote for one of the coolest bars ever. First of all, $2 fosters! yay! plus signs all over the place indicating this is a Fosters bar. I love Fosters. It's been way too long since I've had any Fosters.

mmm, fosters.

Real loud band downstairs, Epoxy is their name, I think (they're gone now.) Jenn agrees their name is Epoxy, with Special Guest Six Pack, who we didn't hear. And Agents of the Sun, who we also didn't hear. But Epoxy was pretty cool for an unknown heavy heavy metal band. though too loud (not that that's their fault). Anyway, this is a wicked cool bar. They've got old decrepit radios all over the place, hubcaps on the walls that vibrate to hell when Epoxy's blasting bass, pool, foosball, no pinball (their tragic flaw), some video games, an iMac!!! with web access, a way way cool room upstairs with couches and red neon light and a coffee table and the triangularness that comes from being on the top floor. and heavy metal bands. cute bartender girl. this place is sweet. it's also cool that no one's here. i shall have to come back.

Jenn says there's a cool railing downstairs made of mufflers. it's so nice and surprising to be in a place like this. after a lovely walk on the pitch dark beach, watching Mars hurtle towards earth at unspeakable velocities and seeing the milky way and a meteor and hugging jenn and stuff. No moon tonight, but maybe tomorrow.

Anyway, if you're ever in kill devil hills, you should check out the Pit. For me, at least, it's like a home i've never been to before.

Or maybe I'm just buzzed from the martini and fosters. But it is a way cool bar.

But I guess they're gonna kick us out soon. It is kinda late.

Apologies for any typos. I'm drunk and there's a wacky plastic protector on this keyboard.