August 23rd, 2003

sexy max

max, transform!

Productivity is up. Work is hard but satisfying, and odds of getting paid for it in the near future look promising. Music is going very well, even singing is now only a few small steps from being Nearly Tolerable. Brutal recording schedule to start in September, four months in which I will sacrifice sleep to accomplish all of my goals.

All of this is threatened by a sudden onset of a wickedly fierce Transformers mood. Damn your black heart, Simon Furman! Have strong desire to reclaim status as legendary Transformers artist. Perhaps even to reclaim status as legendary Transformers Fanfic writer. Must...get...fix...

But no! There's so much to do and so little time.

Perhaps I can content myself with sketching Transformers in the morning as I sip coffee at the Cage, honing my skills, until such time as the brutal recording schedule has passed, when I can scan the best sketches and paint them in photoshop, then perhaps create a modest Transformers webpage, somehow locate my old story which must be floating somewhere in the ether... and then maybe move on to my long-dreamed of project, Music Inspired By Giant Transforming Robots.
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