August 25th, 2003

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Not much to say, except I sorta wish i wasn't working at 3:15 AM on a sunday night/monday morning. Took a short break to try the singing thing, failed badly. Must've regressed. Or maybe I'm sick or allergic to something, and that's why I've been getting splitting headaches the past week and a half.

Have an opportunity to show and maybe sell some artwork this coming weekend. Was going to to post some sketches here and ask for opinions on what i should rapidly paint over the next couple days. But there's no time to scan, let alone paint. blah. Oh well, I guess I do have seven new pictures since i made this trip last year...of course, the most recent of them was finished way back at Christmas.

Back to drudgery and toil...
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shameless self-promotion

In preparation for this weekend's dusty trek in to the outback of Ohio, I've spent some time at cafepress.

There are now several elseworld pictures available at lower-than-ever prices. The cafepress prints are pretty darn nice, too. Maybe better than Apple.

If you like my art (or chrismaverick's or jeremiahblatz's), please check out the new and improved elseworld poster store. If there's a picture in our galleries that you like, and it doesn't appear in the poster store, just send us a message and we'll make it happen for you.

There's also a bunch of stuff in the brand new elseworld postcard store.
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