September 12th, 2003


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Really weird dreams this morning, including something I don't think I've experienced before. It was sleep paralysis, but backwards. I couldn't, say, move my arm in my dream, because if I did so, my arm would move in reality, thus waking me up (which I was desperately trying to avoid doing). Thus, my range of motion was restricted to things I can't do in reality, namely levitation. But without using my arms, I couldn't control my levitation very well, so I kept spinning around, toppling over, and landing on my head :-\

Max and Iffy's Bogus Journey

7:10 Left Jenn's house
7:35 Dropped Jenn off at airport

7:35 Headed to Casa del Mike to feed Tess and Otto. Took the 51 Truck exit instead of the west end exit by accident. Missed turn to Liberty Tubes, thus making self nearly totally lost. Turned left up a random street, in what might have been the most efficient possible route from the airport to Casa del Mike, if only I'd turned left instead of right onto Brownsville road. As it happened, made it all the way to Jefferson before figuring it out.

8:20ish Arrived at Casa Del Mike. Pet Otto, looked for Tess, but she remained invisible. Took a quick look around for my missing Transformers DVDs, in the off chance I had lent them to Mav and forgotten about it. No luck. But maybe I would find my Wall, which I lent to Steph many moons ago?

Put food in bowls. Put water in big tupperware tub. Noticed an odd hue to the water. Brain quickly processed the color as "Brown" and noted that, the correct color for water being "None," this was probably not what the felines wanted to drink. Carried tupperware tub off to laundry basins, attempted to fill there. Water still brown. Do Mike et al know that their water is brown? If so, why didn't they tell me? Trudged up basement stairs. Attempted to open basement door. Locked from the other side. Trudged downstairs. Trudged around house to front door, struggled a while with locks, entered. Quickly located Jenn's Smallville and Enterprise tapes. Looked for the Wall. Found the Wall, on the CD shelf below the TV. Greedy fingers reached for the wall.

But wait---was this my Wall? I know Mav doesn't like the Wall. I know Steph doesn't have the Wall, cuz if she did she wouldn't have borrowed mine. But wait. Maybe it's Mike's Wall. The Wall doesn't seem like Mike's style, but one should not make such judgments wantonly. Further: I know Mike is very fond of Mezzanine. I, too, am fond of Mezzanine. And I own the Wall. Ergo, it is conceivable that Mike owns the Wall, and this being Mike's house, there is a nonzero chance that this Wall belongs to Mike. And then, it could be Heather's Wall. What do I really know about Heather? Has watched at least one episode of Buffy, looks good in short, precious little. Nothing to rule her out as a possible owner of this Wall.

I moved on. Even though it was probably my Wall, one does not just waltz into someone's house and steal their Wall. Nasty bad karrma.

Entered kitchen. Spent several minutes searching for kitchen lights. There were many cleverly deployed decoys. Finally found the right switch (reason for difficulty: it wasn't in the kitchen). Light was essential to determining if water was proper hue. 'Twasn't. However, soon noticed the newfangled white bulbous faucet attachment, quickly mastered its operation, and filled the tupperware tub with precious clear water. Returned to basement, left water for the cats, pet Otto. Still no sign of Tess.

Headed up to third floor to borrow some how-to-draw-manga books from Mav. Headed back downstairs with all the loot, locked up house, entered car.

9:10 Arrived at Jenn's house. Iffy considers this journey bogus because now she gets a shot.

Note to Mike et al (in case this is a new development): Your water is brown.