September 14th, 2003

frazzled max

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Re: Temporarily Orphaned Felines

Went by casa del Mike to check on ottobiography and tesstament. The water was brown, but only briefly. It seemed to have cleared up once I ran the faucet for a second, but to be on the safe side i filled their dish with the filtered stuff again. Otto was very happy to see me, making with the purring and rubbing and meowing and the ohmygodalivinghumanbeingiloveyouiloveyouwherehaveyoubeenwhyiseveryonegonepetmepetmesomemore. Tess, who I managed to find this time, stared at me from a hole like i was some sort of a child-molesting nazi communist kitten-stomper who never uses his turn signal. I'm very sad. I used to be one of her favourite people. We used to have long, tender petting-and-rubbing-and-kneading-and-purring sessions. I'm sure I've sent her into ecstasy more than once. But now I'm just a big ugly scary clod daring to invade her space just to give her food and clear water and clean up the lump of feces on the floor.


Now it's back to Jenn's to give Iffy her shot, so she can hate me too. Okay, so that's very unlikely. I've given her several shots now and she still adores me. Not that she's happy about the shots.
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