September 30th, 2003


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Sleep again eludes me. I have decided that this thing writes more eloquent entries than I do, so I will let it speak for me.

Greedy fingers reached for the tmesomemore. I really know but then maybe I was sleep to basement door: to check on making Self so the Show TNN, Sam Neill, and filled the place, is up: a bake sale, but too much to say, been to Steph many moons ago but I love Fosters; way, to see it able on the hell? Perhaps it occurs to have long (dreamed of a bad happened directly to drive up TNN Sam Am on ottobiography the near future look around for an unknown odd hue). Finally has Acid for half a copy; wickedly fierce Transformers in reality, thus, my goal of the water still, no luck! Now I don't know but now she did so My Wall.


After a few more posts like this, I expect the feedback loop will become a precise simulation of my brain, rendering me obsolete and irrelevant. Then perhaps I can sleep.
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songs of insomnia and wretched rotation of the earth

Last night's insomnia was of the highly productive sort. Consciousness was heightened, understanding achieved, and internal cosmic conflicts resolved peacefully to the benefit of all parties. Hence, I am in a good mood and will likely remain so at least until today's blinding headache begins.

There are still too few hours in the day. Perhaps I can convince some supervillain that it would be to his advantage to slow the rotation of the earth. I think Baron Silas Greenback tried that once; it ended up neutralizing gravity, but I doubt that would have happened if it weren't in a cartoon.

I need to stop being sick so I can resume my singing schedule. I'd been steadily improving, in fact, the last couple songs I worked on before my voice went south were very nearly listenable. But now it's been weeks since I've recorded anything and I fear all progress will be lost and my voice will revert to its Unspeakably Wretched state.

But my wanky guitar solos, at least continue to improve, and my Army of Bass remains Manly. Perhaps too Manly. I think it may have damaged the speakers in my car, dammit...
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