October 4th, 2003


life is kinda scary down on the docks

Last night: More insomnia, and weeeeird dreams. Did you know that there's an evil spirit who stalks you in parking lots? It's called the Whootle, and if it catches you before you reach your car, you can't leave. It looks like a guy in jeans with a white sheet over it (cheap-halloween-ghost, not kkk, style) and a rope around its neck or torso.

It's a lot creepier and less comical than it sounds.

The dream would make a great story, but I'm afraid it would offend every dock worker in the world, because it makes them out to be a scary and brutal cult of sodomizers with many missing teeth. This is based on no firsthand knowledge of dock workers (I have none that I know of), it's just what they were like in the dream.

Truckers could be interpreted as the good guys (or victims) but they were kinda shady too.

And early in the dream one of my legs was significantly longer than the other. This happens fairly frequently in my dreams, and makes it a real pain to get around...

Today I am slaving away. But, thus far at least, there is no blinding headache. Yay!
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frazzled max


Oh wait...here's the headache. sigh.
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