April 19th, 2004


ghosts of conversations past and future

While recently making freaky ambient music, I felt a strong need for some human voices to make everything less weird. Or weirder, given the distortions of context I will likely employ...

So I started digging through my old tapes. I used to, on occasion, record conversations for use in just such a situation. Unfortunately, I only made 2 or 3 tapes of said conversations. I own about a million tapes, of which six are labeled, and those six are not said conversations.

I did hit the jackpot with one tape, containing among other things a very cute sample of Maria at Sushi Too when she was five, a long electronics&finance discussion with chrismaverick, anukul, and wuttd, some mindless yammering about music theory with thwomp and Anu, and an ensuing venture to Walnut street, which is kind of annoying because I must have had the tape recorder in my pocket, thus muffling my companions, so it's very difficult to figure out why I said things like "Oh no, it could be a black gay italian retarded rock!*"

Sadly, I have so far been unable to find a recording of sundaygray that I'm really hoping to use. Perhaps, if I can't find it, I can ask her to talk about it again.

But I need more. I need to hang out with some talkative folks who are willing to have their words and voices twisted and distorted in the name of art. I am considering actually inviting people to my underground lair (which I rarely do) where they can hang out, play with my toys (pool table, ping pong table, numerous musical and not-so-musical instruments, and of course countless transformers), and be immortalized in trippy electronic soundscapes. But that will depend on how successful I am cleaning the damn place.

Max needs chatter!

*I'm sure Connie and Anu are to blame for the ghastly political incorrectness.
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