April 23rd, 2004

sexy max

stop the noise, will you stop the noise???

Actually, I'm enjoying the noise.

In the past week I've recorded 31.7 minutes of freaky ambient music. This is a personal best for me* (not counting improvisational group efforts), topping the 26 minutes of classical stuff I did in December 2000. And I'm pleased with at least 28 minutes of it, which is pretty good. Maybe I can have three hours by June and then make a CD of the listenable bits.

But I need chatter.

Anyone have time to talk for me this weekend? Preferably Sunday, but Saturday's ok too. theadana? jameel? viscous?

I think I can get monkey587 Friday night...

*point of reference: the previous 31.7 minutes I recorded have taken me between 2 and 3 years. And they're not done.
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