April 24th, 2004

sexy max

48 minutes till launch...

Sketchbook - check.
Pens - check.
Pencils - check.
Ruler - check.
Pre-made 3-point perspective grid - check.
Visual dictionary - check.
DayQuil - check.
Indomitable spirit - check.
Book of folktales for inspiration - check.
4000 song iPod - check.
T-square - Dammit, where's my T-square? :(

And I'm off to the Cage to commence guzzling of coffee and drawing my third 24-hour comic. Updates as events warrant.
I will (hopefully) be taking time out to collect chatter later in the day. If need be I will draw past noon tomorrow to make up for lost time, though I will not do so for any nap I may happen to take.

Perhaps this time I will not decapitate anyone.

All systems go, brotherless_one?

One more into the breach, dear friends.
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sexy max

at the end of hour 3...

Page count: 2.5
Headcount: 0
Blood-caffeine level: ridiculously high. Gotta be careful...those refills come a lot faster on saturday...

Lost some time to pinball. Will have to make it up with splash pages.

Am debating ink.

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sexy max


Inked page 1. Took less than an hour but i need to be faster.

Inked page looks much better than uninked pages. Will probably lose time by inking, but the gain in quality is huge. Hopefully will get to a point where only the barest penciling is required before inking.

Page count: 1 inked, 2 uninked.
Headcount: 0

Getting lonely. Where the hell is Logan?
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sexy max


9.75 hours in, 7 pages done.

Need to go over to Jenn's for a while to keep the cats company while i draw the next couple pages.

May be time to break out the dayquil soon.

EDIT: henceforth, my 24-hour-comic updates will appear as comments under this post, so as to stop cluttering my friends page. and my friends' friends pages.
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