April 26th, 2004


random thoughts after a very long and painful (yet fruitful) weekend

yay! anisodragnfly is back!

my body remains very confused from the whole comic thing. pain (often rather serious) in my shoulderblade. sleepy yet waking up at odd times. feel somewhat sick and consistently disoriented.

Yet i kinda want to do it again. Except this time with music instead of comics. Brain abounds with ideas from highly profitable chatter collection with monkey587, theadana, and jameel. hmm. it occurs to me that, in scanning the recordings for usable material, i have been reliving events of only a few hours ago, and perhaps this contributes to my disorientation. i kinda like the disorientation. not the sick, though. so i probably won't be doing 24 hours of music in the immediate future.

still need more chatter. need different voices (though i would gladly get more chatter from the same people...they're excellent people and provide quality soundbites.) need some talk of brains that does not involve worms.

kind of want to hook people up to microphones in sensory deprivation tanks and record them talking to each other...that's probably impractical, though.

anyway...here goes 4 hours of freaky music, at least...
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