May 19th, 2004


chatter part 973, mp3 preview

So I'm fast nearing the end of this project. I have about 70 minutes of music, which is about all that'll fit on a CD. There will need to be a sequel. I have too much good material that won't fit.

I'm also making cuts (cue Homer Simpson on the best thing about football). The Mummy Nightmares, in its present form, is just not cool enough to be on the CD. I will probably end up using the same samples (plus some more from the lovely and talented sundaygray), while completely redoing all the noises. But I do still like the old version, so I'm making it available for download. Click here to download The Mummy Nightmares (original version) featuring theadana, jameel, and General Nelson A. Miles.

Still need to get together with Laura ASAP, and jameel and viscous nearly ASAP (I have a microphone issue that needs fixing before we can do that) to satusfy my remaining chatter needs for this CD (and get more of a head start on the sequel.)

Anyone free this weekend?
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    The Mummy Nightmares-Maximilian-ambient thing