October 28th, 2004



'Tis late October, when young Max's thoughts turn to grim ghosts and spooky spires of macabre mansions. And stuff.

Last night I dreamed of being chased by a serial killer, who I ultimately killed with a very large butcher knife, stabbing him in the heart (located oddly close to his stomach) and working the knife around to nearly cut him in half, because that was the only way to be sure he was dead. He was cast down the stairs into the basement, where his face peeled away from his skull in four directions, creating a horrifying gory satanically bovine mandala. 'Twas very creepy. But I liked him better that way than when he was trying to murder me and all my friends.

I have been writing a spooky fantasy novel. Unfortunately, it is not yet very spooky or fantastic, and I worry that when it becomes so, it will be incongruous with what came before. But hopefully I can smooth out that difficulty with the help of my readers. Who, I'm hoping, will be you.

I present chapter one, in PDF format that I'm hoping will preserve my eclectic font choices, and would be greatly appreciative of any feedback that may help me to limit the suckfulness of my writing. It's about 20 pages. I will post chapter 2 as soon as someone asks for it.
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