May 26th, 2005


book thing

logan tagged me. also ratha tagged me. i guess i'm double-tagged.

Last books purchased: A Book of Luminous Things and Devils

Total # of books: Somewhere between 200 and 400. I really don't wanna get the exact number.

5 books of relevance:

Reference: Dictionary of Ancient Deities
Essays: Poetics of Music
Science: Hyperspace
Novel: Moby Dick
Instruction: Dynamic Figure Drawing

must I tag? I bet the people I tag have been tagged already. Or maybe even done the thing and I've forgotten. oh well.


I've changed the format slightly. It's supposed to go: last book purchased, total number of books you own, five books that mean a lot to you (they needn't be classified as mine are) and then tag five people, if you must. okay, I added the if you must.
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