July 10th, 2005

sexy max

flying things

Normally, I dislike it when people do things that might cause me to crash my car. Suicidal pedestrians, aggressive drivers, bad drivers, old drivers, just plain stupid drivers...they all tend to piss me off. There are a few hazardous people towards whom I'm more forgiving (topless sunbathers on flagstaff, for example) but mostly, yeah, don't like those guys.

But who would try to kill me today, as I was taking anisodragnfly to the airport? There's apparently an airshow of some sort. Some stunt fliers doing loops, cool and all, but I was trying to keep my eyes on the road. Then one of them shoots straight up in the air. And I, being a sometime military airplane junkie, know that there are not many planes in the world that can move vertically at such speeds.
Was he actually accelerating vertically? Cuz there's very few planes that can do that.

Jenn and I took a while to figure out whether it was the Thunderbirds or the Blue Angels (who have a history of stalking her). Turns out it was the $#@&*ing Thunderbirds. Sweeeeet.

And I guess, while they did cause me to take my eyes off the road, they also caused half the other cars to actually pull over, thus making the road safer and helping us get to the airport in time.

I was feeling a little down about having to drive and being unable to watch them do their crazy stuff. But then, just after I let Jenn out and was getting back into the car, one of 'em buzzed the terminal. He can't have been higher than a hundred feet in the air. That was pretty damn awesome.

So, yeah, the Thunderbirds have permission to endanger me and my car anytime.
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