July 29th, 2006

frazzled max

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I may, in the past, have spoken kindly of trains. I may have even recommended them. I have memories (very vague now, and I'm wondering if they were planted there by hypnosis) of a very pleasant train ride to NYC to see a Dream Theater concert about eleven or twelve years ago.

I was wrong. Amtrak sucks. Really sucks. Sucks like few things suck. Taking Amtrak is about as smart as getting out of the boat. Don't do it. Not if your life depends on it. They will let you down.

Ow, my back.

(no subject)

Woohoo, three hours till music!

Stewie at 9, I go on at 10, the Gladstone Ruckus at 11. Unless I'm confused. Don't be late! Also, don't hit your head while going down the stairs. I did that twice during sound check and it was unpleasant.