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stop the noise, will you stop the noise???

Actually, I'm enjoying the noise.

In the past week I've recorded 31.7 minutes of freaky ambient music. This is a personal best for me* (not counting improvisational group efforts), topping the 26 minutes of classical stuff I did in December 2000. And I'm pleased with at least 28 minutes of it, which is pretty good. Maybe I can have three hours by June and then make a CD of the listenable bits.

But I need chatter.

Anyone have time to talk for me this weekend? Preferably Sunday, but Saturday's ok too. theadana? jameel? viscous?

I think I can get monkey587 Friday night...

*point of reference: the previous 31.7 minutes I recorded have taken me between 2 and 3 years. And they're not done.
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