max (max1975) wrote,


I'm not literally LMAO, because I'm far too serious and dour a person for that, but...
this was really, really funny.

Songs that aren't evil: "10% luck, 20% skill, 20% concentrated power of will..." gets me fired up every time I hear it. I also love the Super Bowl commercial where they're making the's like those marines commercials they used to have, with the chess board and awesome...

I WILL find out what kind of car Ben would be, even if it kills me.

Least favorite NFL Network personalities: Solomon Wicots and Shannon (or is it Sterling?) Sharpe. These guys attack sentences with the ferocity of Joey Porter going after the quarterback. It's like their vocal caps-lock keys are stuck. I'm very fond of Terrell Davis though. Especially when he has to wear Rod Woodson's jersey because the Steelers trashed the Broncos.

Have I mentioned I'm an NFL Network Super Bowl Media Frenzy Addict?

The Seahawks seem like decent fellows...a very small part of me will be a tiny bit sad if they lose.

EDIT: I forgot to mention. Brett Kiesel putting the moves on NFL's reporterbabe: Priceless.

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