lightning rants

Pittsburgh Sports Media: Shut up about Mike Tomlin being black. Everyone knows he's black and no one cares. You're only pretending it's an issue because you can't find the answer to the question everyone's really asking: Is he actually planning an eventual and obviously insane switch to a 4-3 defense?

Battlestar Galactica Writers: End the lame boring love-square soap opera plot before i start looking for more eyes to gouge out.

Smithsonian Global Sound: Rock on.

Sculpey: What's the deal with not packaging black Sculpey III in 1.75lb. boxes? That'd be really handy.

giant robots! yay!

Happy birthday to me!

I'm pretty much committed to liking this movie now, mostly out of spite. Optimus Prime having flames on his paint job (unlike, say, Greedo shooting first) is not "raping my childhood." Michael Bay may or may not be a good director, but he doesn't deserve death or even death threats just because Starscream looks kinda like a monkey. Really, people, get a grip. The movie might still suck (in fact odds are against it doing otherwise, just because that's the way things tend to go), but if so it will probably be because of bad writing, not because the Decepticons have insectoid features.

Also, I enjoyed the two Bay movies that I actually saw (Armageddon and Bad Boys). So I am optimistic.

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I just learned that if you hold an empty pop can up to your ear, you can hear the ocean. I didn't try it with a full pop can, because that woulda been messy.

I should go to bed.

shameless self promotion

I'm disappointed in the number of views I'm getting at my flickr page, so I thought I'd plug it here. A couple new paintings and many a naked friday. Plus my blinding halloween costume and a robot or two.

archer? dude - work in progress

I painted for seven and a half hours today. My legs and back are kinda sore.

For best results, watch this first.

EDIT: Fixed the link, thanks to my brother for spotting the error. In my shameless self-promotion, I accidentally promoted shortpacked. Who is not my self. I don't mind promoting shortpacked, but that was not my intent.
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Sometimes when I'm making music with a lot of chord changes, it starts to sound like smooth jazz and I want to kill myself.
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Woohoo, three hours till music!

Stewie at 9, I go on at 10, the Gladstone Ruckus at 11. Unless I'm confused. Don't be late! Also, don't hit your head while going down the stairs. I did that twice during sound check and it was unpleasant.
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I may, in the past, have spoken kindly of trains. I may have even recommended them. I have memories (very vague now, and I'm wondering if they were planted there by hypnosis) of a very pleasant train ride to NYC to see a Dream Theater concert about eleven or twelve years ago.

I was wrong. Amtrak sucks. Really sucks. Sucks like few things suck. Taking Amtrak is about as smart as getting out of the boat. Don't do it. Not if your life depends on it. They will let you down.

Ow, my back.